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A Queens Life Workbook

Inspirational Guide To Help

Queens Live out Their Purpose

What will you experience in this workbook?

Here's how the workbook will help your Queen journey, you will:

  • Identify your passion

  • Tap into your power

  • Reflect Positivity 

  • Formulate a Plan

  • Discover your Purpose


Unstuck, Creative, Confident, Healthy, Focused, Balanced Empowered and connected to your purpose?

If you answered YES then it’s time to get your copy of A Queen's Life Workbook!


As you navigate this 48-page workbook, you will experience the following tools that will help equip you to live a happier and purposeful life: 

  • 12  Affirmations

  • Action Plan that will help you make your dreams a reality 

  • Exercises that will help you with your productivity and time management 

  • 10 inspirational quotes to keep you motivated 

  • 5 Working Principles  

  • Over 20 questions to help you dig deep.

Are you ready to commit to you? SAY YES and start with your workbook today! 

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