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I am somebody

I am beautiful

I have the power to live out my dreams.

I will live on purpose

I am Queen

Quotable Unique Educated Empowered Noble Servants


Queen of Hearts

This award is presented to the Queen making significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. They are involved in service because they recognize and understands other’s needs.

Queen of Diamonds

This award is presented to the Queen who has overcome hardships and uses their platform to bring social awareness to others. This Queen is involved in making significant contributions to the community.

Queen of Clubs

This award is presented to the Queen who's well-informed and valued amongst their peers.

This Queen is well-organized, always in the know and has a strong media influence.  

Queen of Spades

This award celebrates the Queen who rules in entrepreneurship and community affairs. Her initiative and her rise to the top mentality separates her from her peers.

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